Teaching Music in the Primary Classroom

Rosie completed her Primary PGCE at The Institute of Education, UCL. She studied Music Education as her specialism and passed her postgraduate as an outstanding teacher. She then went on to teach a Year 3 class in an outstanding school in Croydon where she completed her NQT year. 

As a qualified teacher, Rosie aims to bring music to the primary school classroom and combine the creativity of music-making with maths and literacy to assist children's attainment in these core subjects. Music education funding has been dramatically cut in recent years, and Rosie is on a crusade to show the generalist teacher how they can use music in the everyday classroom. 

Rosie is the co-ordinator of the education branch for Synchrony, and is working with Oxford Bach Soloists to expand their education outreach into schools in Oxfordshire.

Synchrony; a platform created for women in the arts to showcase their creativity.

Synchrony’s education programme doesn’t only bring music-making into primary schools, it also aspires to have a legacy beyond engaging with a group of children. This is achieved by training their teachers to integrate practical and realistic tools into their teaching practices.


Bringing together performers and audiences in an immersive experience of the complete vocal works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

OBS is creating long-term sustainable relationships with state-supported schools to improve numeracy and literacy skills. With the help of our regular interventions, we empower educators to use music as a transformative teaching tool. 

Oxford Bach Soloists